March 16, 2020

The great theologian Bob Dylan wrote, “oh the times they are a-changin”. That may never been more true than right now. The covid-19 virus has the whole world scrambling for solutions to problems we never really considered before.

At CBCB we are taking very seriously President Trump’s challenge to “do our part” to slow down the spread of the virus to buy time for scientists to figure out a solution. (for a cool visual – check this out)

So we are making some changes.. 

Can we talk about “the WHY”? It’s not out of fear. We have no reason to live in fear – the healer lives inside us! NOTHING can separate us from his love. If God is for us no one, nothing can stand against us. So we choose to do what God commanded Joshua to do – “be bold, be strong for the Lord your God is with us”. It has nothing to do with fear, and everything to do with being part of the solution, and not part of the problem.  

So, for at least the next 15 days and until further notice: LifeGroups, meetings and events of more than 10 people will be suspended.  

Our weekend worship experience is going ONLINE! It’s going to feel a little weird at first, but I believe God will meet us where we are. Here’s what it will look like: at 10:00 on Sunday morning just go to 

There you will be able to:

  • Worship with our worship team (without worrying about the person next to you thinking you are off-key). You can even raise your hands – right there in your living room!


  • Engage in a life-giving sermon. You can shout “amen” or “preach” anytime– or type it out. At 10:00 Sundays you can actually engage with each other LIVE!


  • There will be a place for you to ask for prayer. We can pray for you from anywhere.


  • You an even give online to support the ongoing ministry of CBCB. 


  • If you miss it, or come in late (that’s never happened at church before) – it’s never too late to worship. The “live” service will remain on the website – you can join when it works for you! 


  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding content for kids!



Is this the same as actually worshipping, learning, praying together in person? No.  

Can God be glorified in our worship, speak to us through his word, and hear our prayers through this medium? Absolutely.  

Some stuff is out of our control. Some questions we don’t get to answer. But we can each answer this one: “will you worship?” 

Say YES! Join us at this Sunday at 10.


March 13, 2020

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc.  About 2000 cases have been reported in the US – but it is affecting a lot more people than that in other ways.  Some businesses and schools are closing.  The City of San Antonio recommends not gathering in groups of 500 or more.  The president has declared a national emergency.  Costco is out of bleach and toilet paper.  As God’s children, we want to look to his word for instruction all the time – this weird time is no exception. So… 

  • 2 Tim 1.7 says that God has not given us a spirit of fear 

  • James 1.5 says if we need wisdom we should ask God for it.  

  • Romans 13 says we should all submit to government authority.    
  • Ephesians 5.15 says we should live as wise people.   
  • Philippians 4.6-7 says we should worry about nothing, but pray about everything 

  • James 4.8 says “wash your hands you sinners” 

  • Over 100 places in the Bible we are instructed to not be afraid.   

So how do we put all that in the blender, and come out with the right milkshake?   We pray for God’s wisdom for our leaders, and ourselves and we make wise decisions about steps we should take.  We cooperate with our government’s efforts to keep us safe -we want to be part of the solution! 
 We wash our hands a lot.  We wisely, fearlessly move forward to do the things Jesus calls us to do, become the people he’s created us to be, and enjoy the rich, fun, abundant, satisfying life he died to give us.   


Here’s what that looks like at CBCB as of right now: 

  • This weekend we’ll have our regular services – we will worship, pray and hear from God TOGETHER.   

  • We’ll do a lot of extra sanitizing – especially kid’s area 

  • We’ll cut down on some of our handshaking / hugging (virtual high-5’s from 6’ away do NOT spread germs!) 
  • We won’t serve donuts and coffee 
  • We will be postponing our volunteer event scheduled for Sunday  

  • Lifegroups will make case-by-case decisions on meetings.  Your leaders will let you know.

  • If you, or someone in your family has any symptoms, or is high-risk – stay home!  We’ll post Saturday night’s sermon @ by Sunday am.  You can worship, pray, hear the message – even give, with your family, in your home, in your PJ’s! 

  • We will keep you posted of any changes on social media and at 

Let’s remember – God is not surprised by this, or overwhelmed by this.  Your father has everything under control and is right now working ALL things for good.    

In John 16.33 Jesus warned us that in this life there would be hardships and trouble – but in the same breath he tells us to be “take heart – I have overcome the world”.  

So…Fear not.  Live as the wise. Meditate on Psalm 91. Pray. Wash your hands, you sinners. 


God is good ALL the time! 

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7

    So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.

    Ephesians 5:15

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