Membership at MYCBCB

There's a place for you here!

If you’ve been visiting myCBCB for awhile and would like to become more active, consider membership. Membership at MyCBCB isn’t scary or complicated. It’s simple, really.

At myCBCB, a member is someone who has committed to do four things:

  • Protect the unity of the church
  • Share the responsibility of the church
  • Serve the ministry of the church
  • Support the testimony of the Church

Take the next step

Four times a year, we throw a Connection 101 Luncheon after church. Here, we provide lunch and fill you in on the church’s history, vision, and ministries. You’ll get to meet quite a few of our leaders and get a feel for who we are. There is no obligation and it’s an easy way to see if membership at MYCBCB is right for you.

Contact myCBCB’s Office to find out when the next Connection Party is coming up, or check out our events page.

The difference between a church attender, and a church member, is commitment.

~ Rick Warren

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