Growth is a life-long process.

At MYCBCB we value Discipleship and believe that every Christian should actively pursue growth in our faith. We currently offer two main ways for you to be able to grow in your faith-walk.

Christian Growth Classes

Meeting 1.5 hours a week for 6-7 weeks.

Living Life from a New Source (Spring 2023)

Some of the life-changing Biblical truths that will be covered in the class include:

• The lie versus the truth about living the Christian life.
• Your spiritual destiny to be transformed into Christ-likeness.
• Understanding the meaning of Christ living His life in and through you.
• Understanding and applying God’s promises of victory, freedom, and healing.
• Experiencing God’s supernatural life and power to transform our lives.

The class will be a chance both to learn and discuss these truths and to make some great new friends as we grow together.

This class will be 7 weeks

Do You Know Your True Identity? (Fall 2023)

This class will help you “Anchor Your Faith” and show you how to live above your circumstances, past failures, and even your worldly success by knowing and living from your true identity in Christ.

Develop absolute confidence in knowing that God views you as His masterpiece, as a saint and not a sinner.

This class will be 7 weeks.


Disciple-Making Program

Meeting 2 hours a week for 3 months.


To enjoy Jesus and to follow Jesus together so that we can show others how to enjoy and follow Jesus too.



    • We want to experience the presence of Jesus, Learning to hear His voice and obey.


      • We want to keep Jesus’ goal in mind – Go and make disciples of all nations


    • We want to do our discipleship in a reproducible way that others can follow

What does Discipleship at MYCBCB look like?

Our goal is for our discipleship to look as close as we can to the example Jesus set for us – as we are discipled, we’re being prepared to disciple others.

Disciple-Making Program

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