It’s exciting to see what God is up to!!

I can’t tell you how much I miss seeing all of you in person!  This weekend I experienced about 400 less hugs & handshakes than I’m used to – I know you are feeling it too.  I’m already getting excited about our first in-person service when we can finally meet together physically again.

But I am so excited about what God is up to during this crisis.  We are learning new ways to reach, teach and help people in Jesus’ name.  We are seeing some cool stuff going on in our community as we pull together – even though we are separated physically.  We are seeing that God’s plan and God’s church will NOT be held back by any virus or scheme of the devil.

Last week was our first ever effort to stream our worship experience online.  The company that “hosted” our experience was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle the load as thousands of churches went online.  Yet God was worshipped, His word was shared and His people fellowshipped.

Even with the technology blips CBCB welcomed church visitors from 18 states, and a couple of foreign countries.   The metrics are still a little fuzzy – but I can confidently say this weekend was the most attended weekend of the year for CBCB.   We had over 1000 people gathered together in Jesus name through  What satan intended for evil – God used for good!

I’m so excited about this weekend’s message, and the worship is going to be amazing!  It looks like our hosting company has things figured out, so hopefully you’ll be able to chat, encourage each other, click for prayer and chat with a pastor who’ll pray with you.  After service, you can give securely & fill out a connection card all from   It all starts at 10:00 on Sunday at – just click on “watch livestream”.  It’s even OK to come in a little early!

I hope you’ll “join” us Sunday at 10.  It’s SO easy to invite a friend now – just send them an email, or even post something on social media – you won’t even have to take them to lunch afterwards.

You know how you can “check in” at church on Facebook to help let people know about CBCB?  Here’s a fun idea instead: post a picture of YOUR church service – your family, your house, your set up at YOUR CBCB.  Hashtag #MYCBCBishere

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