MYCBCB is where YOU are!

Last summer we did a fun campaign of taking pictures of ourselves in our MYCBCB t-shirts on trips, vacations, and in weird places. It was called “MYCBCB is where you are.” It was really just for fun, but it actually spoke an important truth for us now. The church is wherever you are because you ARE the church. The church isn’t made out of sticks and bricks and metal and wood. It’s made out of people; it’s made out of us. So, it cannot be stopped by a disease or a quarantine – or even by the forces of hell! So, whether we are meeting in person or online, CBCB is still going strong. The body of Christ is continuing His work to reach, teach and help people – and I am so glad that you are a part of it! Online church streaming is getting better each week. This week ALMOST everyone was able to join us at, click on “watch the livestream” and join us live. The interactive chat was so cool. It was almost like being together in person – but without the donuts. One of my favorite parts- seeing the pictures of how YOU are doing church at home. PLEASE continue posting those with hashtag #MYCBCBishere. You can see my pretty face on video each week – so it’s nice for me to see you too.

This will be even more amazing for communion… It looks like we’ll be celebrating Easter online this year. We’ll be having two separate, very different services. I hope you will join us for both:
  • Good Friday communion service 7:00-7:45 pm on 3/10. We’ll have music, a short word, and we’ll take communion “together”. Actually, pretty cool to have communion together in your own home. (check out Acts 2.46) You might want to check out home communion sets on Amazon – but it’s not about the elements – it’s about what they represent. So crackers and grape juice, or whatever you have is OK. But you might want to have it handy for the Friday service. If you miss Good Friday, a recorded version will be online. It will be powerful to experience that service before Easter Sunday.
  • Easter Sunday we’ll celebrate the resurrection together at 10:00am. I think Easter Sunday may have a deeper meaning for you, if you are able to check out Good Friday’s service first. There is no resurrection without first the crucifixion. I’m super excited about our message and worship this Sunday! If you feel a little “imprisoned” – this is your message!
We had a lot of people join us for prayer last week on Facebook live. I’m going to do that again this Thursday at 11:00. Let us know how we can pray for you and join us Thursday at 11 to pray for our brothers and sisters!

We are working on ways to stay connected – be in prayer about trying a video Bible discussion lifegroup – details coming soon!

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