Guest Services

"From the street to the seat"

We are the first people who arrive to setup for church. We are the people that assist with parking and wave at you as you drive into the parking lot. We are the friendly, smiling people greeting you at the door as you enter the building and sanctuary. We are the folks who do our best to find you and your family a seat in the sanctuary and help serve communion. We are the people who can share information with you about our Church and even escort you to your destination. We are the wonderful people who offer you coffee, snacks and food with a smile. We are the detailed minds who count each guest. We are the people available to provide first aid and respond to a medical emergency. We are the last people to leave after packing up our gear. We are the first impression but lasting impact to each guest!

If you’re interested or have any questions about volunteering with our Guest Services, please click the link below to contact Kendall & Kimbo NeSmith.

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