Want to serve, but don’t know where? Don’t worry! Our Volunteer Coordinator, Jim Eddy, would love to talk to you and help you find a fitting and fulfilling place serving.
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Kids’ Ministry

MYCBCB wouldn’t be what it is without an awesome Kids’ Ministry. It’s our goal for each child to grow in their relationship with God while staying safe and having fun at the same time!

Before serving with our kids, volunteers must pass a background check, which we keep on file to rerun every three months. 

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Guest Services

This department is the first impression visitors receive when coming to our church. These teams serve our visitors, members and attenders from the street to their seat. 

Parking Team

Our parking team helps the flow of traffic in and out of our parking lot, ensuring that everyone is able to find a quick and accessible place to park. 


We want everyone that walks through our doors to feel at home. The smiling faces and warm personalities of our greeters shows that there is a place for everyone at MYCBCB!

Connection Center

Our connections team is vital as they welcome our visitors and introduce them to our pastors and leaders. When anyone has a question, the connection Center is the place to go, so our team’s goal is to be ready with all of the answers.

Kitchen Team / Donuts & Coffee

Who doesn’t love donuts? Our kitchen team makes sure everyone’s morning starts with a little boost of sugar and caffeine! You know you want to be a part of this fun crew!

Attendance Counters

Serving in this role is fairly easy, but it is very important. Counting how many people we have in each service helps us track growth trends and is vital for planning for the future needs of our church. 

Safety Team

We take our safety very seriously. While we are here to grow in our relationship with God, we are very aware of the world that we live in. Our safety team has several systems in place to make sure we’re doing the best we can to keep everyone safe at MYCBCB, especially our children.

Medical Team

A part of keeping everyone safe is being able to respond to anyone with health concerns. If you are trained and certified as a first responder, consider being a part of this team. 

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Student Ministry

Our ideal volunteers are College-age/Young Adults that are able to serve on a consistent basis. We strive for consistency as this helps to build the friendships and relationships between our students and leaders.


While we love our youth’s parents, students are less likely to open up and talk about their issues when their parent or guardian is in the same room. We want our students to be comfortable enough to be themselves and hopefully be open to receive the help they need.

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Serving Opportunities in


The Media department oversees the production of our weekend services: from lighting, to the lyrics and scriptures on screen, this team does it all!

Volunteering is easier than you think! If you’ve been able to navigate our website to this point, you’re qualified!

The most important quality we’re looking for in a volunteer is the ability to stay focused on whats going on during the service. It is important that we have the right words on the screen during worship and that we are paying attention to the message and listening for cues to show Bible verses and other slides. 

There are several places you can serve, Just talk to our Media Director, ben, and see how you can be a part of this fun crew!


Serving Opportunities in


Worship is the center of everything we do! Everything we do at mycbcb is to glorify God!


The best way to get involved with our worship team is to come hang out with us! This team is more like a family. So we want you to spend some time with us, as family, before serving. Saturday rehearsals are an open invitation for you to join us. We meet every Saturday at 3:30pm.

Want to serve, but don’t know where?

Don’t worry! Our Volunteer Coordinator, Jim Eddy, would love to talk to you and help you find a fitting and fulfilling place serving.

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